Mission Statement of the Canadian Injustice Coalition (CIC)

The newly formed Canadian Injustice Coalition (CIC) consists of a network of independent Canadians and their families and friends who have been subjected to various forms of abuse by one or more of the following groups: the police (either RCMP or Provincial); Government Ministries (either Federal, Provincial or Municipal); the Canadian Judicial system (Federal, Provincial and quasi-judicial); Government sponsored “Human Rights” organizations (Federal and Provincial); the mainstream media consisting of the corporate and government sponsored news networks and publishing firms and any such related groups that the CIC may wish to add to the list in the future.

The purpose of forming the Canadian Injustice Coalition (CIC) is to unite the victims of the aforementioned government and media groups and the victim’s families, friends and supporters in order to form a strong, supportive lobby organization that will then protect its members while at the same time strive to expose and bring to the attention of the Canadian public the criminal activities of those groups involved and ultimately restore the Canadian Justice system back to its original mandate; one that protects all Canadians from all forms of injustice.